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Helpful Herbs from A to Z- The letter P.
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Health Blog

Helpful herbs from A to Z- The letter I

    Today's blog is helpful herbs that begin with the letter I. Before we get into the amazing properties and uses of these herbs I want to talk about how important it is to know the energy and taste of an herb and the energy of the person taking the herb so they can be effective. One great example of this that I recently learned in one of my classes was the difference between Cruella de Vil and the Queen of Hearts. If you are familiar with these characters you can see that one is cold and dry in nature (Cruella) and the other is hot and moist in nature (Queen of Hearts) you would not use the same herbs on these two characters because of their underlining energies.

Helpful herbs from A to Z-The letter H

     Today's blog is on three helpful herbs from Traditional Chinese herbs, Western herbs, and Ayurveda herbs. I got this one out very late this week!
      This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose anything. Please check with your physician before taking any herbal remedies or supplements to ensure there are no contraindications. I believe in the power of herbs and herbal remedies but always err on the side of caution and common sense when taking anything for your health.

Helpful Herbs from A to Z- The letter G.

       Today's blog is on helpful herbs that begin with the letter G. The first herb is an Ayurveda herb that will be very useful to me in the coming months. The Hindi name of this herb means 'destroyer of sugar'. The holiday season is upon us and that means lots and lots of sugar! I'm currently trying to avoid the sweet stuff so here’s hoping this herb helps! Before we began I have to do my legal disclaimer (required by law and the school I study with): These blogs in no way should be substituted for medical advice.

Helpful Herbs that begin with the letter F.

    Today's blog is about herbs that begin with the letter F. I also want to talk about how to match herbs to the individual and not just the condition. Herbalism isn't a one size fits all solution. As I have stated before it requires a consultation to determine what herb or herbal remedy is right for you. This begins with figuring out your personal energetics. 

     Are you a hot person who sweats easily or a cold person with dry skin and hair? Next we try to find the energetics of the condition you want to address.

Helpful Herbs that begin with the letter E

         Herbs and herbal remedies have been the basis for health and wellness throughout human history. Plants contain many beneficial properties to help the body heal. Western herbology, Chinese herbology, and Ayurveda herbology are very similar in nature. In recommending herbs or herbal formulas the first step is evaluation. This evaluation will include what season it is, body types and temperature, personality, moods, as well as symptoms and conditions.

Helpful Herbs from A to Z- Herbs that begin with the letter D.

     Plants have been utilized for their medicinal properties long before recorded history. Some of the earliest records of medicinally used herbs date 3,000 BC. We now can test their validity through scientific analysis and reinforce what our ancestors knew to be true about herbal medicine. In writing these blogs I hope to introduce people to the healing power of nature!
     I also feel it is important to understand that this is a complex system of treatment and requires a consultation with a qualified practitioner to determine the right herbs for you.

Herbs from A to Z - The letter C

     This is the third blog in the series of helpful herbs, and today we will be looking at Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbs that begin with the letter C. Herbs can be easily incorporated into your day to day life to improve your health and wellness. Generally these herbs are safe to use. There may be some contraindications in regard to prescription medications, health conditions, and in pregnant or nursing mothers. Please always check with a qualified physician before taking any herbal supplements.

Helpful herbs from A to Z -The Letter B

    This is the second blog in the series of helpful herbs from A to Z, but first let’s begin with a disclaimer. The information provided in these blogs is not intended to replace professional health advice in any way. All information should only be used under direct supervision of a qualified health practitioner. Do not use essential oils on broken or sensitive skin and always use extreme caution with herbs and essential oils when pregnant or if you have a medical condition.

      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Helpful Herb Series- A to Z

    Our skin is our largest eliminating organ. This is not new information but it is worth repeating. The information needs to be repeated to be fully understood, because in order to correct issues with the skin we need to first address the issues from within! 

   Diet and exercise are the first things you should look at in maintaining overall health and wellness. When we eat poorly, do not exercise, or take care of ourselves, our skin will suffer. Always try to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

How big is your love?

How big is your love?

     This was a question recently on a podcast I was listening to. I thought it was a very interesting question because in the face of day to day living, in the face of tragedy or chaos or even bliss-how big is your love?  This answer shifts and changes, doesn't  it?

     Maybe it shouldn't if we are remembering how to love. I remember when they first placed my son in my arms the day he was born. Then again when they placed my daughter in my arms the day she was born.
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