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Health Blog

May 2011

Digestion Issues

    Digestive complaints are commonplace in our society today. This could be attributed to a diet of processes foods laden with preservatives, hormones, artificial coloring etc. Stress and sedentary lifestyles also contribute to digestive problems. Scientific research shows that 80% of your immune system can be attributed to your digestive tract. I am one of the many suffers of digestive problems. This tends to get really annoying when as a family, we are trying to decide on a restaurant to eat at, or on a meal to prepare at home.

Natural Handcrafted Soaps

  You might think that soap is soap and it doesn’t matter what kind you use, if it all gets you clean.  But if you have any skin issues you may have discovered this really isn’t the case. I have had reactions to soaps since I was a child.  As soon as I began using handcrafted soaps I discovered it was actually the soaps that I had been using that was the problem. And when I looked at the ingredients in most commercial soaps I began to understand why.
     First let’s start with how soap is made.

Soak up the Sun-Safely

    As the season changes and the sunshine leads us outdoors to enjoy its rays, the use of sunscreens increases.  And that often leads to the question of what type of sunscreen to use. There is an ongoing debate in the scientific community regarding safe sunscreens. Is a chemical sunscreen safe or should I look for a physical sunscreen? And what is the difference anyway?
     Really we should begin with what types of sunscreens are most effective at protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays.

Great Expectations

       Today’s blog is more on the philosophical side of our everyday life.   Sometimes it feels that in one form or another life tends to have conflict or struggle. Whether they are personal struggles, professional struggles, or spiritual, sometimes it can be difficult to imagine life without them. By why do we have conflict at all? I think it has something to do with our expectations.
     We place expectations on our selves, on our family, on our friends, and our professional lives.

How To Care For Your Sensitive Skin

      I have sensitive and reactive skin. Over the years I have learned what calms and soothes my skin and what triggers it. I also volunteer for the American Cancer Society and I often see the effects of cancer treatments on people’s skin.  The number one question I receive from people undergoing cancer treatments is what to do about their dry sensitive skin.  I always refer them to their doctor first, but I also offer up what I have found to be helpful in my own quest for calm skin.
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