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July 2013

Herbal Spotlight of the week-Trikatu

 This week’s herbal spotlight is about Trikatu. Trikatu is another Ayurvedic herb that is worth having on your shelves. It is a Sanskrit word that means “three spices”and it contains black pepper, the rhizomes of ginger and Indian long pepper.This is a warming herb that helps with digestion, respiratory issues and circulation.I have taken it for allergies and noticed a huge improvement in my seasonal allergies.I couldn’t find any scientific studies related to this, but in all of my herbal studies it suggested taking this formula for allergies.

Herbal Spotlight of the Week- Dandelion

     The herb for the day is one that many of us have tried to eradicate from our green lawns every spring, but maybe we shouldn’t.  Dandelion is a well known weed that grows rapidly and wildly in most yards and what many of us don’t realize is that it’s good for you in so many different ways.   Let’s start with the high vitamin content.  Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) contain twenty five times more vitamin A than tomato juice, and 50 times more than asparagus.

Herbal Spotlight of the week-Triphala

    The herb we are talking about today is called Triphala.  This is another herb out of India used in Ayurvedic medicine that is comprised of three fruits (Harada, Amla, Bihara).  Triphala is often considered a panacea because it can be helpful to the body in so many ways.  It can improve digestion, reduce serum cholesterol, improve circulation, is good for your heart, liver, eyes, and blood pressure, and has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in arthritis and other diseases in the body where inflammation is present.

Herbal spotlight of the Week-Turmeric

        Today I want to talk about turmeric. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory(1), ant-tumor(2), and anti-oxidant properties. The active ingredient, curcumin, has been extracted and studied for its cancer and chronic inflammation fighting abilities. It also helps to reduce cholesterol, reduces blood sugar in diabetics, relieves arthritis pains(3), supports liver function(4), improves digestion, reduces menstrual cramps,  has weight loss properties
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