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Helpful Herbs from A to Z- The letter P.
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Health Blog

September 2015

Helpful herbs from A to Z -The Letter B

    This is the second blog in the series of helpful herbs from A to Z, but first let’s begin with a disclaimer. The information provided in these blogs is not intended to replace professional health advice in any way. All information should only be used under direct supervision of a qualified health practitioner. Do not use essential oils on broken or sensitive skin and always use extreme caution with herbs and essential oils when pregnant or if you have a medical condition.

      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Helpful Herb Series- A to Z

    Our skin is our largest eliminating organ. This is not new information but it is worth repeating. The information needs to be repeated to be fully understood, because in order to correct issues with the skin we need to first address the issues from within! 

   Diet and exercise are the first things you should look at in maintaining overall health and wellness. When we eat poorly, do not exercise, or take care of ourselves, our skin will suffer. Always try to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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