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New Super Green Smoothie
Beets, Berries, Burdock.
Helpful Herbs from A to Z- The letter P.
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Health Blog

Sensitive Skin

Beets, Berries, Burdock.

     In my effort to eat healthy and still not have to cook too many meals I have turned to smoothies. I can grab a bunch of powders, fruits and vegetables, throw in some cashew milk, hit blend and breakfast is served.
     My latest creation is to help detoxify the body while getting some of my daily dose of fruits and veggies. I begin with organic beet root powder because it is easier than cooking the beets and then blending them. I add 1 tablespoon of that, 1 tablespoon of organic burdock root powder, a piece of organic raw ginger, a handful of organic parsley, a handful of  organic kale, a handful of a mixed organic spring mix, 1 cup of mixed organic frozen berries (cherries, blueberries, and raspberries) and vanilla cashew milk.

How To Reduce Scarring and Skin Pigmentation Issues Naturally

     If you have acne scarring, discoloration, and/or wrinkles you know how frustrating it can be to get rid of them. There are numerous products on the market such as Retin A, alpha hydroxy acids, and hydroquinone creams that can be effective- but they often come with side effects. These side effects run from possible carcinogenic issues with hydeoquinone, to rashes and skin irritations with Retin A and alpha hydroxyl acids. So what can you use that doesn’t have any side effects?

Natural Handcrafted Soaps

  You might think that soap is soap and it doesn’t matter what kind you use, if it all gets you clean.  But if you have any skin issues you may have discovered this really isn’t the case. I have had reactions to soaps since I was a child.  As soon as I began using handcrafted soaps I discovered it was actually the soaps that I had been using that was the problem. And when I looked at the ingredients in most commercial soaps I began to understand why.
     First let’s start with how soap is made.

How To Care For Your Sensitive Skin

      I have sensitive and reactive skin. Over the years I have learned what calms and soothes my skin and what triggers it. I also volunteer for the American Cancer Society and I often see the effects of cancer treatments on people’s skin.  The number one question I receive from people undergoing cancer treatments is what to do about their dry sensitive skin.  I always refer them to their doctor first, but I also offer up what I have found to be helpful in my own quest for calm skin.
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